1. Usage of any part of Hair Extensions by Chrissy constitutes acceptance of policy.
2. Cash, Venmo, ZellePay, CashApp, are appreciated. Tips are always appreciated. Credit cards accepted.
3. Cancel/reschedule 24 hours before your service- 25% of your appointment cost. Cancel/reschedule within 5 hours or under your appointment time you will pay 50% of your service. No shows you will pay 100% of your service before booking again.
4. Managing lateness. Text or call 561-247-0702 with ETA. This allows me to contact the guest after you so I may give you the full time you need to complete the service. Without an ETA, the other guest may already be on her way and I may not be able to give you a full service.
5. Guests accept responsibility for understanding the information on the site, managing appointments properly (booking before you leave) and contacting me within 24 hours of any issues. Guest is responsible for tracking of any packages they send to me.
6. I do my best to eliminate non-candidates through personal inspection. It is impossible to catch every non-candidate due to issues including but not limited to health issues or partial disclosure of hair history. Hair Extensions by Chrissy will not be held liable for any harm in connection with abuse or neglect of hair extensions. Guests are advised not to change their hair after consult unless agreed upon as this can change the end result.
7. There are no refunds. I am happy to adjust (not remove or add services) the unsatisfactory portion of the service fee within a 10 day period. I stand by my work but cannot guarantee my work when it has been a) altered by someone else. b) If the extensions were not treated as per the hair care page. c) extensions that are outside the technical norm. d) wearing your extensions longer than recommended. e) Hair purchases are separate from service purchases. Any issues that arise from the hair must be deal with the manufacturer.
8. Let me know how I can enhance your experience or if you have an issue you feel hasn’t been resolved. If you’re happy with my work, tell everyone, If you aren’t, tell me. I will do my best to resolve any issue.
9. I keep all information private and expect the same from my guests.
10. Any charge-backs and outstanding balances must be corrected immediately. I will contact you asap. Guest is responsible to pay any unpaid service or product that has been ordered or receive within 72 hours including any expenses we incur. I pursue fraudulent activity. Guests are also responsible not only for original debt, but any money going toward collection fees including collection agency fees.
11. Website content was developed for guests personal use. No content from this site may be distributed or reproduced.
12. In case of discrepancy, policy, website & Chrissys professional opinion will prevail.