Hair Care


  • Keep it clean.

  • Keep it brushed.

  • Keep it dry.


Never ever ever:

  • Go to bed with wet hair. It can get matted.

  • Use chemicals on your extensions.

  • Use cheap products.

  • Let your hair or extensions get matted, knotted or tangled.

  • Remove your own extensions. I may not be able to reuse them.

  • flip your head upside down to brush.


When brushing, always use:

  • Your Wet Brush for mid shaft to ends.

  • Silicone to coat the hair to avoid any snagging every time you brush.

  • Your natural/boars brush (no plastic teeth) to brush your roots.

  • Curly girls, use your fingers to separate all extensions. Brush fully before shampooing.


When cleaning, always:

  1. Use Aquasana water filter. It removes all the bad stuff. Sign up for the "water for life" & they send you filters automatically & give you 10% off. You don't have to remember when to change the filter. Very easy to install & remove. No point in buying expensive products if you keep putting in chlorine, copper, lead among other things.

  2. Shampoo gently but fully, especially the root area using a great quality non drying shampoo.

  3. Condition your mid shaft & ends only.


When drying:

  1. Use a Turbie Towel or a 100% cotton white t-shirt to squeeze dry & soak up 90% of the moisture.

  2. Add your heat protection & leave in conditioner. Use warm setting on dryer with your fingers to dry before heat styling.

  3. If you get a professional blow out, let them know to be gentle & check for loose extensions before leaving.


Before Bed:

  • Braid your hair before bed & use a satin pillowcase to keep your hair from getting roughed up.



  • Do chemical services before your extension service. Never use chemicals on your extensions. Cover extensions in conditioner when rinsing out chemicals.



  • Chrissy has hair products for sale but if needed she will tell you exactly what to use at the appointment.



  • Buy the best you can afford. Check reviews before purchase.



  • Do not use your tools on the hottest setting all the time.

  • Take smaller sections of hair & make one pass over it.


Check your hair before installation:

  1. Check the bag & make sure the tag matches what you ordered.

  2. Remove hair from bag without messing up the bag.

  3. Run your fingers thru the hair. It should go thru fairly smooth, If your fingers get stuck, return asap.

  4. Place extensions next to your hair & make sure the color mostly matches the ends of your hair, not the roots. If it does not match, return asap.

  5. Shampoo, condition & air dry your extensions. If you see any snarling (hair that is looping) return asap. Bad hair tangles after the first shampoo or two. Better to do it before installation. If it gets worse over time, it is possible your products or daily routine is not suited to your extensions.


  • Tiny stray hair as it grows are normal, but the extensions should NEVER be tangles into each other.

  • Never remove your own extensions. I may not be able to reuse them if you do. If any fall out, wash & flat-iron them & pair them up for your next visit.

  • Never trim your extensions near your next maintenance service. If you trim before a move up, your extensions might end up too short.


When going to the beach:

  • If going to the beach, wear a swim cap.  Otherwise, soak all of your hair with clean water mixed with conditioner so the salt or chlorine cannot get into the hair. Rinse frequently to remove salt or chlorine & re add water with conditioner. Do not get conditioner on the attachment points. Bring a gallon of water if you are not near any fresh water. Wear soft braids to keep hair from tangling in the water. Use a swim cap. Shampoo & condition asap. Purchase ahead of time products made for your hair & going into the type of water you chose.


Troubleshooting issues. Follow these steps first before contacting me. These are most common & can be corrected at home.

  1. Make sure you are following all the steps correctly.

  2. If you purchased the hair thru a company rather than me, please contact the company for instructions.

  3. Make an Oops appointment with me if none of these steps work. We will go over each item. Bringing ALL tools and products you have been using is mandatory. If you don't you will be asked to make an Oops appointment when you can do this.


Dry Hair:

  • Using non filtered water to wash your hair

  • Using products that are not compatible with extensions.

  • Too much heat styling & not enough product to protect hair.

  • Using your tools in highest setting.

  • Not using enough product to protect the hair.



  • Not brushing enough.

  • Pulling too much when blow drying.

  • Wearing "barbie" ponytails.

  • Bad hair tangles after the first shampoo or two. If it gets worse over time, it is possible your products or daily routine is not suited to your extensions. 


Extensions falling out:

  • Too much conditioner on attachments.

  • Too much direct heat on attachment.

  • Profesional blow drys.

  • "Barbie" ponytails. Either Topknots or naps ponytails only.

  • Too rough when brushing or styling.


Hair always feels like it is dirty:

  • Not using proper shampoo or conditioner.

  • Not shampooing enough.

  • Smoke get into the hair & creates residue.

  • Using improper products that create a residue.


When removing knots. Don't let it get to this point, but if it does:

  1. Shampoo to remove all residues.

  2. Deep conditioner to soften the hair for knot removal.

  3. Apply lots of smoothing serum & dry your hair.

  4. Add more serum & flat-iron over the knots. If the hair is flat, it is easier to slide a knot out.

  5. Separate non tangled hair away. 

  6. Work smaller knots out first.

  7. Knots should be worked out from the bottom up using fingers first, then comb. 

  8. Keep adding serum to make the hair slide easier. 

  • Normal Things:

  1. A person's loss is about 50 hairs per day. You will see a small amount of naturally released hairs in the attachments. This is normal & shouldn't be interpreted as hairs pulled out of the scalp by the attachments themselves. This is dependent on how your own hair will shed.  

  • You should not let the attachments become intertwined with each other as this means you are not brushing properly.

  •  Daily brushing close to the scalp and finger separation of the applied strands will avoid matting.