About Chrissy

Since 2012, I have been a licensed cosmetologist practicing extensions and have shifted to the sole focus of hair extensions since 2015. I offer only the best quality human hair extensions. I maintain my education with continuing education courses annually. I have created a protocol for clients to be able to wear hair extensions that are not only damage free but will help stimulate hair growth.I love to go above and beyond for my clients.



Why Choose me?

Not only am I a licensed Cosmetologist but I am an Extension Specialist meaning I only do Extensions daily. Doing extensions everyday has given me the time to really perfect my method.

  • It is my focus to get your hair in the best condition and grow while using healthy hair extension methods.

  • Most guests who sit in my chair have some sort of hair problem whether genetic, hormonal, environmental  chemical or styling I have come up with an easy protocol to help your hair grow while wearing the extensions.

  • Each guests extensions are custom ordered. You will see the extensions in its original packaging so you know its from the company you ordered it from.

  • I never overbook (but I do fully book) so there is usually no wait time. If I'm running behind I have the courtesy to call or text the next appointment.

  • I will always tell you my prices no surprises.

  • Im honest. I don't take everyone that walks through the door for money. If I feel someone is not a candidate, I will do my best to help them in an alternate fashion.

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